Twitter Trending Hashtag

Discovering the Most Popular Twitter Trending Topics Globally

Track Popular Trending Topics and Hashtags

Our tool show you estimated hourly and monthly reach on certain hashtags globally. This will help you uncover what topics and conversations different countries are engaging in and participating in most frequently. Knowing this data can be extremely valuable to marketers creating content, so they can ensure it is optimized for their target market.

Understand Hashtags and Trending Topics.

Take the time to learn about which hashtags are trending and why for each country. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has been trending globally for some time, as it has become an effective way for people to show their support and stand up against racism. It is important to keep up with these changes so that your conversations are relevant and resonating with the right audience.

Compare Trends Across Countries or Regions

Once you’ve identified the most popular trending topics on Twitter, take a deeper dive and compare trends across countries or regions. This can help give you valuable insight into geographical variations in popular topics and what is driving conversations in different areas. Knowing this can inform which hashtags to use when targeting specific audiences, as well as what topics to focus your content on.

Use Hashtags to Increase Visibility of Your Tweets

It’s important to use relevant hashtags when tweeting, as these can increase the chances of more people seeing your posts. Using trending topics or dominant hashtags in your tweets allows you to piggyback on those conversations and join in the conversation with other Twitter users. If a larger conversation is already taking place, it’s likely that many more people will view your tweet if you include a hashtag or two related to that trend.

Look at Worldwide Trends and Local Trends Separately

When looking at trending topics on Twitter, it’s important to recognize the difference between global trends and local trends. Local trends are more specific and often more interesting than worldwide trends as they include topics that are being discussed in geographical areas such as countries or regions. Take the time to explore both worldwide and local trends, to get a better overall picture of what people are talking about on social media.