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Finding YouTube Trends: How to Discover What's Hot Now.

Finding the right trending topics on YouTube isn't always easy. Fortunately, YouTube has several tools to make the process easier. Making use of the Trending page and YouTube Trends Dashboard can provide insights into what people are watching and how to capitalize on it for your own content. Additionally, looking at what competitors are doing can also help you come up with ideas for creating engaging and successful videos.

Identify Trending Categories On YouTube.

Knowing what type of content is in the trending section on YouTube can help you create content that stands out from the crowd. To make sure you know what’s topping the charts, keep an eye on categories like news, tech and gaming, beauty, comedy and vlogging. Once you have a good idea of what type of videos are popular in each category, then it’s time to create videos that fit right into the trends.

Use Tags To Find Popular Topics.

YouTube tags are used to categorize and make discovering content easier for viewers. Tags are key words that describe the topics of your video. Good well-thought out tag selection is essential for making sure that people can more easily find your videos when they’re searching for them. Popular and trending tags can give you a better idea of what content is performing the best, so be sure to research what tags are relevant to your niche or industry and popular on YouTube.

Make New Content Based on Trending Topics and Audience Habits.

Making new content based on trending topics can be a great way to drive more views and keep your audience engaged. Pay attention to YouTube trends and use insights from the YouTube Trends Dashboard to create content that is both relevant and interesting. Additionally, take some time to analyze audience behaviors and habits in order to discover any patterns or preferences. This will help ensure your videos are reaching the right people and resulting in higher engagement rates.

Analyze Recent Trending Activity.

One of the best ways to get up to speed on trending topics is to take a look at what’s currently popular on YouTube. Analyze recent trend activity by sorting videos by view count, likes/dislikes, or comment count. This will give you more insights into which topics are resonating with your audience, helping you target the right content for your channel.